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WLO Articulated Hauler Application add-on

The Volvo Articulated Hauler Simulator application is also available as an add-on kit to the Volvo WLO 500. With the Volvo ART 500 add-on kit, the Volvo WLO simulator can be converted into an Volvo ART simulator within a minute. The application features an authentic operator environment with original controls, a high performing motion platform and industrial grade visualization system. It is designed for ease of use and to deliver the most realistic and immersive experience possible. The ART application comes with over fifteen different scenarios suitable for beginners as well as experienced operators. Each scenario focuses on real-world challenges an operator will face in their daily work.

Yellow banded machine cuts iron beams and puts in metal binge

EXC Demolition Extension

This add-on application focuses on how to operate using different demolition tools to deconstruct buildings. It comes with six new scenarios to provide a safe environment to learn how to handle tools used for demolition contracts. The scenarios involve tools such as a hydraulic hammer to remove concrete foundations, a shear to cut down steel frames as well as a concrete crusher and sorting grapple.

The Volvo EXC Demolition application is an option, available for all Volvo EXC Simulators.

WLO Pipe and Pole Extension

Volvo Pipe and Pole is an extension that comes with five extra scenarios focused on handling pipes in a safe and efficient manner using a pipe and pole grapple. It allows the operator to handle both large and small pipes in the yard as well as loading to and from a truck.

The Volvo WLO Pipe & Pole application is an option, available for all Volvo WLO Simulators.

Banded machine lifts pipes from dump trucks to put in ditches

EXC Pipe Layer Extension

The pipelayer application is a separate add-on that features a PL3005D and comes packed with scenarios to help your operators learn how to work with the machines load management system, understanding the dynamics of handling an excavator based pipelayer, safe working methodology and working in steep conditions.

The Volvo EXC Pipelayer application is an option, available for all Volvo EXC Simulators.

Special request

Perhaps you have a special request, a machine attachment, a training container, a special site or perhaps your site! For this purpose, it is possible to make the Volvo Simulator even more unique and versatile. Below we have listed some requests that we have fulfilled in the past.

If you have a special request (and it’s not listed below), please describe your needs using the form below, and we will contact you to discuss how your ideas could be realized.

Volvo Simulator Support Agreement

Always included
Volvo Simulator Support Agreement is included with all new Volvo Simulators for a period of three years*. At the end of the three-year period, it is possible to extend the Volvo Simulator Support Agreement.

Need to renew
When you are renewing an Simulator Support Agreement, you chose either the Extension alternative if you are prolonging an existing agreement or Restart if you want to add a Simulator Support Agreement to your Volvo Simulator.

Support services included
The Volvo Simulator Support Agreement includes technical support (online and/or e-mail). The Volvo Simulator support team will respond to all support requests within 24 hours during Swedish business hours.

Software upgrades (when available) are included in the Volvo Simulator Support Agreement. See FAQ section to see if your Volvo Simulator has available upgrades. If an upgrade is requested, Volvo Simulator Support team will install the new software onto the designated simulator and verify the new functionality (Internet connected Simulator is required).

The Simulator Support Agreement does not include on-site support or spare parts. Support issues that require special conditions will be offered separately (e.g. On-site support, spare parts or freight costs for repair in UmeƄ, Sweden).

When support or software upgrade is required, please use the contact form available in the Support/FAQ section and our technical team will contact you within 24 hours (Swedish business hours)

All aftermarket support is provided by Oryx Simulations AB.

* For simulators sold after 2019-06-01

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