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WLO Articulated Hauler Application add-on

The Volvo Articulated Hauler Simulator application is also available as an add-on kit to the Volvo WLO 500. With the Volvo ART 500 add-on kit, the Volvo WLO simulator can be converted into an Volvo ART simulator within a minute. The application features an authentic operator environment with original controls, a high performing motion platform and industrial grade visualization system. It is designed for ease of use and to deliver the most realistic and immersive experience possible. The ART application comes with over fifteen different scenarios suitable for beginners as well as experienced operators. Each scenario focuses on real-world challenges an operator will face in their daily work.

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Job training at the virtual site

With 15 training scenarios (and 2 extra for demonstration purposes), you will be able to experience most situations that you might experience on a real worksite. There are scenarios for uphill, downhill, for muddy conditions or driving at night, and all is monitored through the Operator Performance System (OPS).

For more information on Volvo Art 500 and its scenarios, download the product description

Example of training scenario

Driving uphill: Drive the fully loaded articulated hauler up a ramp of average 32% inclination to the indicated spot. Use gear shift lock-out when necessary. Adapt vehicle speed to road conditions. Take extra care to operate sharp turns with the fully loaded vehicle. Medium ground structure class.

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