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WLO Pipe and Pole Extension

Volvo Pipe and Pole is an extension that comes with five extra scenarios focused on handling pipes in a safe and efficient manner using a pipe and pole grapple. It allows the operator to handle both large and small pipes in the yard as well as loading to and from a truck.

The Volvo WLO Pipe & Pole application is an option, available for all Volvo WLO Simulators.

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Job training at the virtual pipe yard

With 5 training scenarios, you will be able to practice various operations with the pipe and pole grapple (special attachment for Volvo Wheel Loaders) such as pipe handling, loading and unloading of a truck.

For more information on Volvo WLO 500 Pipe & Pole application, download the product description

Example of a Pipe & Pole training scenario

Truck Loading: Pick up pipes at the pipe stack marked with an upwards pointing flashing arrow and place them on the rear portion of the truck’s bed. Continue until all of the pipes have been loaded. The wheel loader may tip over when breaking hard or turning sharply. Take extra care to travel with the load close to the ground and to maneuver carefully.

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