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Volvo WLO 500 – Wheel Loader Simulator

The Volvo Wheel Loader Simulator features an authentic operator environment with original controls, a high performing motion platform and industrial grade visualization system. It is designed for ease of use and to deliver the most realistic and immersive experience possible. The simulator comes with twenty scenarios that cover the basics on how to operate the Volvo L120 and L180 wheel loaders. The operator is guided through starting, stopping and manoeuvring the vehicles as well as performing load cycles in diverse real-life environments with materials such as rock, earth, trees or goods pallets. The scenarios include both guided lessons and free operation playgrounds. As always, the focus is on getting the most out of the operator and maximizing productivity.

The Volvo Wheel Loader Simulator can also be equipped with the Volvo ART add-on kit that will make the simulator into an Volvo Articulated Hauler (ART). This kit comes with extra swappable controls and changing between WLO and ART is done in less than a minute.

In addition to this there is a software extension available with five extra scenarios focusing on handling Pipes with a special attachment (Pipe & Poles Grapple). 

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What’s included

  • Volvo original seat and controls
  • 55″ HD Industry grade LCD screen
  • High performance motion platform
  • 20 training scenarios and two expo/demonstration scenarios
  • Operator Performance System (OPS)
  • Three year Simulator Support Agreement
    • On-line, phone & e-mail support with 24h response guarantee*


  • Volvo ART add-on kit
  • Volvo Pipe & Pole

For more information on Volvo WLO 500 and its scenarios, download the product description

Job training at the virtual site

With 20 training scenarios (and 2 extra for demonstration purposes), you will be able to practice most situations that you might experience on a real worksite. There are training scenarios for everything from basic skill training to advanced site operations and all is monitored through the Operator Performance System (OPS).

For more information on Volvo EXC 500 and its scenarios, download the product description

Example of training scenario

This exercise is an introduction to using pallet forks for handling pallet goods. No previous knowledge is required. The training session starts with an introduction to attachment lock operations, and continous with:
● Disable FAPS and enable BSS and single acting lifting when working with pallet forks.
● Handling pallets. Correctly placing the pallet against the vertical shank of the lift. Taking care of the fact that the forks lift in a circular motion.
● Detailed interactive help for placing forks. Both a camera view showing the forks from the outside and help on how to use the controls to place the forks correctly.
● Safety precautions while using pallet forks.
● Lifting heavy goods.

The Operator Performance System

After the completion of every scenario, a performance report is presented to highlight what the operator did right and where improvements can be made. Maybe the completion time and production score were great but at the cost of high fuel consumption and unnecessary wear and tear? The report helps to pinpoint issues that would be difficult to detect with a real machine, hence avoiding costs and improving safety.

Value of training

What if you could show the impact of training or if you could determine who actually needs training? Our experience is that these questions are often hard to provide answers to. Everyone thinks that training is good, but is it worth it? The Volvo Simulators will provide data that will help you evaluate your operators, determine who needs further training and how valuable the training has been.

Two yellow simulators facing each other. Both with different parts numbered


  1. Motion system
  2. Operator’s chair
  3. Simulator screen
  4. Left hand console
  5. Right hand console
  6. Simulator numpad
  7. External speakers
  8. Removable chassis cover
  9. External connections and main power switch
  10. WLO control box
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